GLEN 2019 meeting in Sheffield
Singularities and Derived Categories

GLEN is a joint seminar in algebraic geometry between the Universities of Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield and Edinburgh.

We host a two-days GLEN meeting in Sheffield on November 13-14th, 2019. The talks will be introductory to several themes on singularities and accessible to PhD students in algebraic geometry.


Eleonore Faber (Leeds)
Andreas Hochenegger (Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa)
Yanki Lekili (King’s College London)
Mirko Mauri (MPIM Bonn)
Greg Stevenson (Glasgow)
Michael Wemyss (Glasgow)

We have some funds to support early career researchers, for travel and accommodation. This will be provided on the first-come first-served basis. Registration is now closed; if you want to participate, please send us an email.

Schedule & titles - Practical information


Anna Barbieri, Cristina Manolache, Nebojsa Pavic, Evgeny Shinder.


Nebojsa, Anna

The workshop is supported by a LMS Scheme 3 grant, and EPSRC Programme grant “Enhancing Representation Theory, Noncommutative Algebra And Geometry Through Moduli, Stability And Deformations”, and we are grateful for their support.