Permanent jobs

Open-ended positions are currently available for holders of externally funded long-term research fellowships through the Sheffield Independent Research Fellowships (IRF) scheme. As part of its Sheffield IRF deal, the University commits to convert externally awarded fellowships with more than three years of funding into permanent lectureships (or higher grade as appropriate).

We describe here funding sources that are eligible for the IRF deal. Our group is always happy to discuss plans of prospective applicants for one of these fellowship schemes and support them throughout their application if they wish to indicate Sheffield as the host institution for the grant. If you plan to apply please contact us at least three months before the deadline. Please feel free to email Tom Bridgeland as your first point of contact.

Postdoc jobs

We currently have various grants running within our group. If you are interested in doing a postdoc at Sheffield, please do check back here from time to time for updates on positions that may become available.

We also welcome enquiries if you are interested in joining us on an externally funded research fellowship, with some possibilities listed below. Please contact us at least two months (three months for Marie Curie fellowships) before the deadline indicated.