We run a weekly Algebraic Geometry Seminar - details below.

On Wednesday at 2pm there is the Pure maths Colloquium, and on Monday at 3pm we organise a learning seminar on K3 surfaces (calendar, notes, Huybrechts's book).
Talks are usually in room J11.

For a complete list of seminars hosted at the School of Maths and Stats, look at This week's seminars and This semester's seminars.

AG seminars (2019-20)

Francesco Sala (IPMU Tokyo)
Categorification of 2d cohomological Hall algebras

Tuesday 17th Sep, 14:00, J11

Abstract: Let M denote the moduli stack of either coherent sheaves on a smooth projective surface or Higgs sheaves on a smooth projective... Read more

Paul Johnson (Sheffield)
Partitions and Hilbert schemes of points

Tuesday 1st Oct, 12:00, J11

Abstract: This will be a gentle, expository talk explaining some connections between the two objects in the title. I will begin with... Read more

Dhruv Ranganathan (Cambridge)
A Mayer-Vietoris theorem for Gromov-Witten theory

Tuesday 8th Oct, 12:00, J11

Abstract: The Gromov-Witten theory of a smooth variety X is a collection of invariants, extracted from the topology of the space of ... Read more

Jenny August (MPIM Bonn)
The Stability Manifold of a Contraction Algebra

Tuesday 15th Oct, 12:00, J11

Abstract: For a finite dimensional algebra, Bridgeland stability conditions can be viewed as a continuous generalisation of tilting theory, providing... Read more

Pierrick Bousseau (ETH)
Title: Quasimodular forms from Betti numbers

Thursday 17th Oct, 15:00, J11

Abstract: I will explain how to construct quasimodular forms starting from Betti numbers of moduli spaces of dimension 1 coherent sheaves on P2. This gives a proof of some stringy predictions about the refined topological string theory of local P2 in the Nekrasov-Shatashvili limit. Partly based on work in progress with Honglu Fan, Shuai Guo, and Longting Wu.

Nick Sheridan (Edinburgh)

Tuesday 22nd Oct, 12:00, J11

Noah Arbesfeld (Imperial College London)

Tuesday 29th Oct, 12:00, J11

Ben Davison (Edinburgh)

Tuesday 5th Nov, 12:00, J11

Gwyn Bellamy (Glasgow)
Resolutions of symplectic quotient singularities

Tuesday 19th Nov, 12:00, J11

Abstract: In this talk I will explain how one can explicitly construct all crepant resolutions of the symplectic quotient... Read more

Soheyla Feyzbakhsh (Imperial College London)

Tuesday 26th Nov, 12:00, J11

Dimitri Wyss (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne)

Tuesday 3rd Dec, 12:00, J11

Sira Gratz (Glasgow)

Tuesday 10th Dec, 12:00, J11

Alexandr Buryak (Leeds)

Tuesday 17th Dec, 12:00, J11

Past Seminars (2014-16)