Notes from the learning seminars on
K3 surfaces

Reference: Huybrechts's book "Lectures on K3 surfaces"

Calendar: Semester 1, on Monday 15:00-17:00 in room J11

30/09/2019, Evgeny Shinder presents Chapter 1
Ed's typed notes

07/10/2019, Adel Bedina on Hodge structures (based on Chapter 3)
Anna's notes

14/10/2019, George Moulantzikos and Evgeny present Chapter 2 (more on Hodge structures and basic geometry of K3 surfaces)
Ed's typed notes

21/10/2019, David Kern presents Chapter 5
David's typed notes

28/10/2019, Cristina Manolache discusses period maps and Torelli's theorems
Anna's notes

04/11/2019, Giovanni Marchetti on the (global) Torelli theorem for K3s

11/11/2019, Neb Pavic talks about Ample and Kaehler cones and Mukai vectors
Neb's notes

18/11/2019, Anna Barbieri discusses slope and Gieseker stability (ref. Chapters 9 and 10)
Anna's notes

22/11/2019, Barbara Bolognese on Examples of HK manifolds as moduli spaces of sheaves over K3 surfaces
Barbara's notes1 and notes2

06/12/2019 and 09/12/2019, Yirui Xiong talks about 1. Derived categories and functors, 2. Fourier-Mukai transforms, and 3. Deriver equivalences of K3 surfaces
Yirui's typed notes

Final report with some open questions.